Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mahad Ashtavinayak Ganapati

Mahad Ashtavinayak Ganapati (Varada Vinayak)

Ashtavinayaka or eight Ganeshas is located in Maharashtra state of India, The Ashtavinayaka yatra or pilgrimage tour covers the eight holy temples of Ganesha which are situated around Pune.

Varada Vinayak Temple is the fourth Ganesha Temple to be visited during the Ashta Vinayaka Temples Pilgrimage according to Shastras.This temple is at Mahad.It is 85 kms away from Mumbai.Mahad in Maharashtra enshrines Varadvinayak associated with the 
legend of Rukmangada,Indra and the Bhadravana forest.The Murty is facing  east  direction and the trunk is turned on the left side.

Other Places to see Near Khopavali
Zenith Waterfall During Rainy Season  (Khopovali)
gagangiri maharaj In Khopovali 

When to go?
Any Time
Where to stay?
There are food and Stay Facility at  Mahad
Before leaving the caves,Temple,fort or jungle don't leave anything except your footprints...
Keep INDIA Clean and Incredible

                                                            Lake Outside Of Varada Vinayak

Map for Ashtavinayak 


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