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Haji Malang Gad (Kalyan)

Haji Malang Gad (Kalyan)  Previously known  as Malang Gad

Malangad is built on three levels. The lowest level is a plateau which is 1000 feet broad and 2500 feet long on which stands the Dargah of a Sufi saint - Haji Malang. At the other end of the plateau is the Panchi Pir which lies almost at the edge of the rock and is named after the five pirs who accompanied Haji Malang. This plateaus is called Pir Machi.
The next higher level is called the Sone Machi as it is the lower part of the fort. This is a projection of rock with is 70 feet broad and 100 feet long. It is shaped like an elephant trunk. It has a parapet wall with bastions on two sides but there are no machicolations to fire at the an invading army.
The highest level is the Citadel which is 200 yards long and 70 yards broad. This is the summit of the hill and has no fortifications. The water supply is from five cisterns at the top of the hill with a copper pipe to carry water to the lower levels.
Malanggad is different from other forts in Maharashtra. Whereas other forts have several gates and multiple watchtowers, Malanggad has only one small gate and one watchtower which is not independent but a part of the main gate itself. With a wall with no machicolations to fire at the enemy and no fortifications, Malanggad is one of the few forts to depend completely on natural aspects of the hill to defend itself
How to reach 
From Chatrapati shivaji terminals (CST )
Reach  Kalyan
From kalyan there will be Direct bus to Haji malag Gad

There are two ways to reach  haji malag
1st one is shortest and other one by steps.
View From Base

view from base

we took shortest way  from base to pachpira point (as shown in above pic)

can reach at the top also but because of time we won't.

Main gate

Old pic of Darga


there are some point above but if you can make it

Navara Navari dongar

                                      you can reach at the top from left hand side(Keep walking)

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