Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kalaram Mandir Near Panchavati ( Nasik )

Kalaram Mandir, one of the major attractions of the Nashik, is situated in the Panchavati area of the city. It is the biggest as well as the simplest amongst all the temples situated here and dates back to the year 1790, when it was constructed by Sardar Odhekar of Peshwa. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama, who has been enshrined inside the sanctum sanctorum in the form of a decked black stone idol. Since the image of the Lord is in black color, the temple came to be known as Kala Ram Temple (meaning the temple of the black Rama)

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Arti said...

The temple is really beautiful... the architecture so intricate and marvelously done!
Visited the temple recently and blogged about it.. please check out some time ---

Kalaram Temple