Friday, July 11, 2008

Mahuli fort

Mahuli Fort 
Mahuli fort is at 2815 ft., this is a sought after trekking destination.
It is the highest point in the Thane district. The forest surrounding Mahuli has been declared as a sanctuary. Once Shahaji Raje, father of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, had this fortress under his belt.
This fort comes in Tanasa wildlife sanctuary.This sanctuary houses rare species like panther, Cheeta, Sambar and common languor.
Other Things to explore are Manas Mandir and tanasa lake
How To go ?
There are 3-4 ways by which we can reach Mahuli fort, but the way we decided was

Asangaon Railway Station (CST-->Thane-->kalyan-->kasara Side).
Then from Asangaon Reach Mahuli gaon (5 Km from station) auto take 200-300 rs for 8 ppl

or by walk from asaongaon station to mahuli gaon takes 2 hrs.
There is shortcut,first reach nasik highway by walk on railway track (takes 20 min) and  from there ask any one about  mahuli gaon this will take 2 hr. depending on speed of walking..

We decided to walk from Asangaon station.

When to go?
After rainy season. because in rainy season any one can't able to see any nature scenes so that it is better to go after rainy season 
Where to stay?
at mahuli gaon or at base you will see some huts and food availability but don't rely on that better to take ur food, water and try to make this trip in one day.
Before leaving the caves ,fort or jungle don't leave anything except your footprints...
Keep INDIA Clean and Incredible

1 st base of Mahuli fort

Way to Mahuli fort

Manas Mandir

                                                         Flowers seen on the way

One Small Lake

a Small Dam b4 Starting Actual Mahuli Track

Mahadev Mandir at the base Of Mahuli fort and b4 track

This one of the hut where we can stay

                                                  view of mahuli fort from half way


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